Child Protection and Safeguard Policy


Guiding Steps College is fully committed to protect and safeguard the interest of all students ensuring that all school staff members also be responsible to provide a supportive, safe and secure school environment that will assure a safety network for our students. The school is determined that all school staff members also build an attitude of love and care with a mindset of alertness to act in the best interest of our students.  In other words we are committed to provide a 100% safe environment for our students who will be protected from any form of child abuse.

This demands the active participation and involvement of parents, families and communities as well to be vigilant and proactive to policies, procedures, practices and situations related to the cause of child safety and protection. Therefore it is a collective responsibility of all concerned to understand the importance of specific roles and responsibilities connected to the wellbeing and safety of all children at all times to assure a safe place in its education and purpose.

In this regard Guiding Steps College adopts a Child Protection and Safeguard Policy in addition to incorporating the National Child Protection Policy and Child Protection Policy of Family Planning Association for this purpose.