The mind of a child is like a sponge. Every teaching method sparks moments of learning, ready to absorb everything and always ready to learn something new.

The Primary goal is to help children reach their fullest potential within a learning environment with much care and focus given to achieve the objectives of preschool / early childhood education. All these are made possible within a secular and safe building including a play area designed for this purpose.

The curriculum focuses on the individual child, his / her needs and interest which is based on,

Practical life skills – The concept allows children to find material for exercises and activities for everyday life within a creative and learning environment. These activities help children to properly take care of themselves so that they will feel independent and will not need to rely on an adult to attend to their basic needs.

Sensorial – The concept allows children to refine their senses through various activities. They’ll be able to organize their thoughts and objects within a learning environment.

Language – The concept of language is taught through a specific progression of lesson plans where they will be made aware of different sounds in words. Children learn the language phonetically until they are taught the different rules in a given language and the exceptions to those rules to spell, read and write fluently.

Mathematics – The concept allows children to learn first to count from 1 to 10 with the understanding that those numbers represent a specific amount. Through each material, children will learn additions and subtractions and will understand what each one means in their deeper sense. Through this method, children are offered an understanding of Mathematics.

Science, Cultural studies, Development of Social behavior and Physical activity are also part of the curriculum.

As early childhood education is a guide to cultivate a child’s natural desire to learn and absorb, the curriculum is focused to be an aid to life. It is also prepared to enhance creativity, innovation and individuality with concentration and motivation.

To achieve the full benefit of early childhood education, it is important that children should spend three academic years with us. A child who has spent this amount of time, seeks admission to Grade 1 in our Primary school.


We consider every child as important and unique. Our main ambition is to help every child grow intellectually through a knowledge based curriculum and stimulating activities aligned with an internationally recognized qualification achieved in focus of personal learning styles.

The Primary is based on the international primary (iPrimary) educational curriculum offered by Pearson Edexcel.

The achievement of the curriculum is based on strategies such as providing Active Learning sessions, conducting Formative Assessments and promoting Critical Thinking abilities for the development and enhancement of knowledge and skills in which learning from years 1 to 6 is facilitated through online teaching resources and material. Towards this endeavor, the curriculum adopts the Bug Club for iPrimary English, Abacus for iPrimary Mathematics and Science Bug for iPrimary Science which helps children to love their subjects and provide them the necessary freedom to master their learnings with imagination, curiosity, inspiration and confidence.

Subjects Offered

Grade 1 and 2

English, Mathematics, Science, Computer (Pearson Subjects), Sinhala, Health, Environment and Social Studies and Aesthetic subjects (Art and Craft, Music, Dancing)

Grade 3 to 6

English, Mathematics, Science, Computer (Pearson Subjects), Languages (Sinhala and French), Geography, History, Aesthetic subjects (Art, Music, Dancing), Speech and Drama


To be launched in the very near future