First day at school

It was fun all the way on the very first day of school when school began on 8th January 2020 for the new term after the December Christmas vacation. All children walking into school accompanied by their parents were welcomed by a cheerful teacher staff who knew very well the importance of creating a positive experience to children on the very first day.

Creating a learning and joyous environment in the new found premises made all children happy and hopeful. They also felt safe and secure. The teacher staff inspired by their motivations worked very closely with children on this very first day of school to give children the confidence of building a sense of belongingness with the school away from home.

Children played the whole day on the playground and made friends with each other having their own fun corners of companionship. Some decided to express their creative skills through painting whilst some took up to water play and blew and chased after bubbles. Some were kicking and catching ball and others were busy investigating nature. Children of the Primary were busy making fruit salad. They were all challenged, supported and encouraged by an enthusiastic teacher staff to commit their best in achievement. It was a fun filled day with smiles, laughter and excitement amongst all children.