The best teacher teaches from the heart, not from the book

That is the quote I would use to describe teachers at Guiding Steps. We are glad that we made the right decision to send our daughter Emily to Guiding Steps. Since then she has been blessed with your love, kindness and the wonderful guidance. Her improvements in all the areas are unbelievable. The quote “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR A CHILD” is absolutely true. We cannot express our gratitude towards all the teachers at Guiding Steps for molding her to become a confident child. A special thanks to all teachers who played an important, amazing and a vibrant role in progressing my child to what she is today.

Mr and Mrs D.Rajapakse

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the love, support and guidance extended to my child from the start of his education at Guiding Steps. As parents of a precious little boy, we searched widely for a Preschool environment that would offer our son all the stimulation and encouragement we wished for him. We were lucky to have had a place like Guiding Steps. We were warmly welcomed into a caring environment where we saw other children also having a love and consideration to each other as classmates. The entire staff were always there to fulfill the dreams of the parents and the kids more than our expectations. The teachers are amazing and my son love going to school. Our son was ready to really start exploring the world of learning from lessons about nature, practical life skills, art expressions, maths, and the fundamentals of reading. Guiding Steps has taught my son to be mature, self-motivated and independent and most importantly has taught him good behavior. May God bless Guiding Steps and I wish all the very best for the schools’ future endeavors.

Mr and Mrs B.De Silva

Kaveen was enrolled to Guiding Steps when he was just two years old. From that day onwards he displayed remarkable skills that at times leaves us astounded. His skills in drawing, creativity, speaking and listening have improved by leaps and bounds and set him apart from his peers. His demeanors speak volumes of the transformation he has undergone during this period at Guiding Steps. We receive compliments from friends, family and outsiders for his well-mannered composure whenever we attend events and functions. Kaveen’s quest for knowledge is fueled due to the manner in which he has been taught at school, to question everything and explore the world. Even at the tender age of 4 years he does not have any stage fear thanks to the manner in which they are groomed and trained to at concerts. The performance at the concert itself is a testimony to the effort, dedication and commitment of a special teacher, the Directress of Guiding Steps Preschool Mrs.Mohara, and we as parents are indebted to her for transforming ordinary Children into extraordinary Individuals. We take this opportunity to thank the super management of Guiding Steps for enriching the lives of hundreds of thousands of Children and wish them God’s abundant blessings to carry on the yeomen service for years to come.

Mr and Mrs H.R.Mahaarachchi

You took a small girl and taught her all the best practices and for that we are grateful to Guiding Steps. We remember the very first day we brought our little princess Sindhi to Guiding Steps. She was so excited as she was feeling that she has grown. However as parents we were concerned about the challenges her teachers were going to face, to remove her fears, shyness and bring confidence to our child. We are glad to say that she overcame these obstacles at Guiding Steps. Today our Sindhi has shown growth mentally, physically and her approach to any activity shows much of thinking, reasoning and confidence at such an early age. This proves the high quality of education that she has gained throughout her education at Guiding Steps so far. We extend our sincere gratitude to Guiding Steps for all the encouragement and endless support extended. We wish all success to continue the excellent service you are providing to the future of our motherland.

Mr and Mrs C. Wijerathna

Guiding steps is the right name and the choice to the parents who focus their children to be educated. The name itself gives a very deep meaning in guiding our children to climb the ladder in every aspect of life. We as parents are very proud of the school and for the dedicated staff that works with commitment. The valuable contribution they make to guide, develop and uplift children in the right steps is really remarkable. I have observed as a parent when entering school in the morning, parents themselves maintain a code of conduct and discipline walking towards GUIDING STEPS. Children come from different social backgrounds and their status and wealth is irrelevant as far as Guiding Step is concerned. All children are treated equally well with love and passion. Children are encouraged and taught to be together like one family I am confident this school will grow from strength to strength. I pray from the bottom of my heart and may Almighty God shower His blessings abundantly on all worthy task to guide our children at the right path in the hands of GUIDING STEPS.

Mr and Mrs M Rishan

Since Uvin started going to Guiding Steps, we have seen an exceptional improvement in his knowledge and skills. He has achieved far more than we expected. I and my husband found only one word that can describe our experience at Guiding Steps and that is “Miraculous”.

Mr and Mrs H.Kodagoda

Guiding Steps has been a wonderful experience for my son in every way. The variety of learning experiences available is amazing, the class sizes and teacher credentials are great, and the thoughtful curriculum is perfect for a bright, curious child and is the hallmark of this amazing school.

Mr and Mrs M.Balagalla

We as the parents of Thimeth would like to thank Guiding Steps teaching panel for giving the correct feedback at the correct time about our child, which helped us to take the correct decision without any delay. We have seen a lot of improvement on Thimeth’s overall performance after joining school. Please let us take this opportunity to thank all of you for Guiding his Steps to the correct path.

Mr and Mrs U.Peiris

At that time Ishini joined Guiding Steps, she had difficulties in speaking, writing, interacting with other kids and behavior. Ever since that day we see tremendous development of our daughter and realized that Guiding Steps is the best place for her. All credits is due to our beloved madam Mrs. Mohara. She has now become a child who’s keen in writing, speaking, singing and dancing. We as Ishini’s parents appreciate the support and hard work put in by Mrs. Mohara and all teachers for the upbringing of Ishini. I recommend Guiding Steps as the best place in Sri Lanka to develop your child.

Mr and Mrs S.Dodanvela

Our daughter Neradhya was enrolled to Guiding Steps in 2016. Having seen the remarkable progress she has achieved since then, has convinced us that choosing this school was one of the best decisions we could have made. lt is evident to us that this school provides children with a very well balanced education by effectively combining a myriad academic and extracurricular activities resulting in its students developing into able and confident youngsters. Above all, we are immensely gratified by the skill and continuous dedication displayed by Directress Mrs. Mohara and her staff towards each and every child. We have no doubt that our daughter will be well equipped to face the future under their capable tutelage and guidance. We wish Guiding Steps the very best in all its endeavors

Mr and Mrs LS.Dawakella

We are very impressed as parents to witness the development of Hiruka for the past few months. He consistently amazes us with his broad vocabulary, knowledge and social skills. Credit goes to the management and teacher staff at Guiding Steps who demonstrate amazing capability to develop and bond with children. As parents, we can only take partial credit for his knowledge and accomplishments. But we can take full credit for choosing Guiding Steps to give Hiruka the right start on his educational journey.

Mr and Mrs D.Wahalathantri

Words truly can’t express how grateful we are. We love the philosophy behind Guiding Steps, the freedom to let children be independent and learn something new at the same time. We are amazed with our son Asel’s everyday improvement. The quality of education and care is beyond what we expected

Mr and Mrs A.Amarasinghe

Guiding Steps very bravely took the challenge of taking my son Sithuka and despite all tantrums, they developed him and unlocked his potential. Sithuka is now a social child with a thirst for knowledge and is riddled with curiosity. I hope that he would be further developed intellectually, emotionally and socially with a good personality. Thank you Guiding Steps

Mr and Mrs S.Jayasekera

We entrust our greatest blessing to Guiding Steps every day, as we are grateful for the education and guidance Kenuli receives. Due to the good policies at Guiding Steps, the teacher staff  look at each child as an individual and prepare them well for their progress. Our daughter has been blessed with awesome teachers who understand her challenges and handled her carefully to ensure her educational growth. Our daughter has learned so much and continues to share with us the great activities that go on at Guiding Steps.

Mr & Mrs Sethunga

Yenumi started her wonderful experience in her development through Guiding Steps by grasping knowledge, social values, attitudes, and skills through the education system. Being Yumi’s parents, we are very happy with all her achievements learned through the school curriculum which enhances and broaden her horizons in a different way towards success. It is a great pleasure to convey our heartiest gratitude to all staff at Guiding Steps who has taken admirable responsibility in delivering the best.

Mr and Mrs A.H.D.Niroshana

My son entered Guiding Steps when he was 3 years old. From the moment the children walk in, they are greeted by teachers individually with a smile. Then the children proceed to their classrooms to find their teachers. This impressed me a lot at the beginning of each day. The staff really provides an ideal setting for the introduction to formal education. They are very patient, kind and loving. We noticed that there is a great balance of learning and fun. The curriculum is creative, covers a wide range of interesting age-appropriate topics and is never unexciting. We were extremely happy with our choice and glad that our son spends his schooling years in a friendly, safe and nurturing environment.

Mr and Mrs W.Basnayake