Why Guiding Steps


Guiding Steps College is an educational school located in close proximity to Sri Lanka’s capital city Sri Jayawardenapura.

The school purposed as a Nursery is now an Edexcel Approved Centre supporting the teachings and learning of the Edexcel Curriculum for iPrimary students with the expectation of advancing the Grades annually to support the iLower Secondary, International GCSE and International AS / International Advanced Level (IAL) firmly believing that we have a unique responsibility to create a learning environment that will prompt and encourage every student to be an achiever in life as the school is also determined not to settle for anything less.

As every student is important and valued as precious, every effort to cultivate a learning culture is and will be our utmost priority by which we believe their potentials and competencies can be discovered for greater performance and development. We also aim to broaden their thinking by encouraging them to voice their thought and opinions to find their own learning paths within an internationally recognized curriculum.

As the years move along, Guiding Steps College will take effort to challenge every student to progress beyond academic excellence and make strong commitment to personal development and responsibility where students will be prepared for adulthood to face life with courage, generosity and imagination. At Guiding Steps College, efforts will also be taken to direct them to various life changing opportunities to develop their empathy, compassion and understanding within their own student communities and in particular those in need.